Join us for worship in our sanctuary on Sundays at 10:30am. We do our best to have our worship services posted on YouTube, Facebook, and here on our website by Sunday evening. To receive our weekly updates of church happenings, email the church office at or call the church office at 541-773-3691.


We Welcome the Community

We are a downtown congregation
that strives to be the hands, feet, heart, and mind of Jesus  
offering radical hospitality to the Valley. 

If you work in the city and county offices,
own a business, wait on tables in a local restaurant, or find yourself unemployed,
we welcome you. 

We welcome the comfortable and well-fed,
the unsheltered and the hungry,
those battling addiction, and those who are recovering. 

Whether you are straight, gay, transitioning or questioning,
we offer a safe place for you to discover the love of Jesus and a community. 

If you know what you believe, or are an agnostic doubter, 
recovering from a previous church experience,
or a long time Methodist,
we understand it is more important to experience grace and community
than it is to claim a dogma. 

We welcome the Valley,
the well to do, and the struggling family,
the retired gray-haired older adult and the squirming baby,
the dad who tells silly jokes and the high-tech mom,
white and black people and all the wonderful skin hues that are in between.
Whatever your heritage, born here or elsewhere,
we believe that diversity is a strength
and reflects the creativity of God.
We welcome you. 

Together we strive to live out the teachings of Jesus.
We believe that first and foremost our religion should make us kinder,
more compassionate, 
and create in us a greater capacity to love. 

We invite you to become companions with us.
We strive to be the hands, feet, heart, and mind of Jesus in the Valley.

Please CLICK ON THE VIDEO below to view our most recent worship service.

Sunday Worship Service – 5-15-2022
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